The latest AI curious newsletter

The AI curious newsletter

This month’s newsletter…is about our new newsletter, spearheaded by my partner, Emily Stowe.

 Our mission with The AI-Curious Newsletter  is to bring a broad coalition of AI stakeholders beyond the tech industry/innovation consulting bubble into the conversation. Our goal is to generate fun content that informs and stimulates discussion about AI’s impact on work, society and daily life.

 Why, you may ask? Over the past 12 months we’ve built a great network of leading AI thinkers and makers. Consistently we heard that increasing AI literacy will be key to creating the tools people and companies actually need. Those using these tools need to have a voice in their development for them to fulfill their potential. 

 And more than that, our year of AI learning has convinced us of the importance in taking that idea a step further. AI literacy is important to shaping the future of life with AI in accordance with democratically determined values, both at the company and federal level—and it’s hard to have an opinion and a voice if you’re not engaged with the issues at stake. 

 Now, many of you receiving this email know far more than we do about AI, but we want you to know what we are up to, and would love your feedback and input as our content evolves.  

 For the rest of you, consider this newsletter your cheat sheet to elegant and informed conversations about AI, and gateway to voicing your opinions about AI adoption. We can’t wait for your feedback as well. 

 Until then!


Annette & Emily