Dear clients:

Here we are, the more relaxed days of August giving way to the relative vigor of autumn with its changing light and shorter days. This point in the year makes me think of how at the beginning of a yoga class the teacher will sometimes ask us to set an intention, then prompting us to re-set that intention about three-quarters through. Here at Venture-6 we are taking that idea, remembering our original intention and re-energizing ourselves for the final months of 2022.

At the outset of 2022 our intention was to maintain a high level of persistence in the face of a challengingly tight labor market as a means of fostering trust with our clients and delivering outcomes. As you may know, we’ve radically shifted our business model in recent years – moving from a contingency based model to a retained search model focused on the Director – EVP level. A new concept for our clients at this hiring band, we’ve asked a lot of them over the past two years in the form of aligning their stakeholders around a deeper commitment to our work together with the promise that this commitment would deliver better hiring outcomes, and improved experience.

Now as we enter September, with a number of hard-won 2022 success stories under our belt, and several summer searches stretching into the fall, we remember our original intention and hold on to it—persistence—the essential thing we knew would carry us through in the end.

What was your intention at the beginning of the year? Does renewing that intention now serve you? Let us know, we can’t wait to hear.

Venture-6 is an executive recruiting firm partnering with high-growth start-ups and creative agencies. We specialize in product and marketing talent.”